Lead Your College
On The Trip Of A Lifetime

Want to see how far your love of travel can take you, and earn exciting rewards in the process? 

We’re looking for motivated, well-connected students who are passionate about travel to join us as Campus Managers.


Why Campus Vacations?

We build the world’s best travel experiences for all the important moments in college life.
As a Campus Manager, you’ll work with us to help plan these experiences for your campus.




Journeys Taken




What We Offer

Being a Campus Manager is a big responsibility, but it brings bigger rewards.
As a member of the Campus Vacations team you’ll benefit from…


As a Campus Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to earn some cash. The larger your group, the more you get paid!.

Campus Managers earn free trips and full VIP treatment on-site. Spring Break for free, anyone?

Want a headstart on your career? You’ll learn valuable skills and get references you can be proud of!

Who needs a 9-5 at college? We give you space to work in the way you know is best for you.

What’s Required?

Aside from being passionate about travelling to exotic locations, you’ll also need the following qualities to be a successful Campus Manager for your college…


Natural Leader

You’re a well-respected and influential leader on campus. People look to you for what to do!



You know your Campus inside-out and connect well with organizations and social groups.



You love new opportunities, you’re not afraid of a challenge and can solve problems to reach your goals.


What To Expect

As our top agent on campus you’ll use your network and skills to:

  • Build a team of Ambassadors to represent us to organizations and groups

  • Organize on-campus Ambassador Presentation

  • Help select the best experience for each group

  • Develop and execute a marketing plan

  • Support Ambassadors during the booking process

Ready To Get Started?

Become a SnowJam Campus Manager today!