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Before your trip:


Visit and select your campus. You'll find information for your destination and, if available, your Trip Code, where you can see the full details of your trip. If your campus isn’t available contact us at or 1-866-991-8747!


Yes! You do not need to be a student, however, you must be 18 years of age or older to travel with Campus Vacations. Please keep in mind as our trips are geared towards university and college students, we do not allow high school students on our trips. If you are in high school and are looking to travel on a ski trip, please check out our friends over at Breakaway Tours, at


You may only room with people booked on the same campus and hotel specific trip code. For extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be possible. Be sure to book on the trip code that reflects your correct departure location, as the cost of your trip may change based on buses, then email with your rooming request. Include your preferred roommates’ full names and schools, and we will be in touch.


If you are currently studying abroad in the United States and would like to travel on our trip to Canada, you will first need to check with your local embassy as to whether or not you need a visa to enter Canada. Once you have secured your travel documents and visas (if necessary), you will need to have them readily available upon crossing the border. Please note, all passengers are responsible for obtaining the legal documents needed to enter Canada, if that's your travel destination. If you are unable to cross the border due to lack of documentation, Campus Vacations will neither reimburse nor assume responsibility for that passenger. (Please see terms and conditions).


Each passenger is allowed one bag and ski equipment under the bus, plus one carry-on on the bus. There is no weight or size restriction to your bags, however we ask that you please keep in mind that there will be 51 other passengers on the bus with you and everyone's belongings need to fit!


Our packages do not include any meals. We do not offer any sort of meal plans for purchase, but some destinations packages include a discount card for the village. With this card, you may receive discounts for restaurants, bars, and stores in the village. For all SnowJam trips, we stop at a local grocery store where you will be able to purchase food.


Visit this page On the login screen, click “Forgot your password?” to reset. Or, send us an email with your full name, phone number, and campus. We will send you a password reset email./p>


Booking, Rooming, Insurance & Payments


1) Go to to find your campus on the drop-down list, then click on the Trip Code you'd like to book on. 2) Check out the details of your trip. 3) Click “Sign Up Now” and follow the steps. Your spot on the trip is only confirmed with a payment. If you don’t already have a profile, you’ll need to create one as you sign up.


Initially, all travelers sign up individually, then rooming takes place after registration closes. Travelers may request roommates while registering, or after registration through their online profile. Log in and click on "Roommates: View or Change Rooming" under "My Trips." After that, click on "Request a Room Change" and enter your roommate request. Campus Vacations will do our best to meet each rooming request. Prices are based on max occupancy. If your group is less than your selected room's maximum (ex: 3 people in 4-Person Room), the cost of the trip will change to reflect the selected occupancy of the room. As per our terms and conditions, Campus Vacations is not responsible for filling rooms.


If you would like to room next to your friends, we do accept requests to have rooms or chalets placed as close as possible based on availability. Although we cannot always fulfill the requests, we try our best. To make a request, please email In your email please provide us with the name and school of the person you would like to be placed next to.


If you have purchased the optional travel insurance, which covers limited cancellation, you will need to contact the insurance supplier to file a claim.

If you are a Canadian passenger...

You will need to contact Manulife Insurance at 1.905.608.8250. Upon speaking with their representative you will need to provide them with your first and last name, date of birth and confirm with them that you are covered under a group policy with I Love Travel, Campus Vacations, or SnowJam.
For the full Manulife Policy that you have purchased, please visit

If you are an American passenger...

You will need to contact Travel Guard Insurance at 1.800.826.7791. As each policy varies by state, you will need to simply provide the representative with your first and last name and your policy number which was sent to you via email upon the purchase of your insurance. If you are unsure of your policy number, pelase contact our Help Desk at 1.866.991.8747 and we can locate it for you.

For the full Travel Guard Policy, please visit


Login to your profile and select the options on the left bar to view or change the details of your trip. You can view, edit, and make payments.


Log in to your profile and click on "Roommates: View or Change Rooming" under "My Trips" on the left. After that, click on "Request a Room Change" and enter your new room type or roommate request. Campus Vacations will do our best to meet each request. Please note that prices are based on max occupancy. If your group is less than your selected room's maximum (ex: 3 people in 4-Person Room), the cost of the trip will change to reflect the selected occupancy of the room. As per our terms and conditions, Campus Vacations is not responsible for filling rooms.


All your options and selections can affect your trip cost, including lift ticket add-ons or opt-outs, insurance, room occupancy (quad, triple, double, single), etc. Any add-ons will increase the cost of your trip, and opt-outs will decrease the cost. Lower the occupancy of your room, the higher your trip cost.


To edit your options, log into your profile & click "Itinerary" to the left. You may also email or call our Help Desk at 1-866-991-8747.


Upon check in with our staff at the start of your trip, you will receive your Campus Vacations wristband, itinerary for the weekend, room keys, and any SnowJam merchandise you have purchased.


To add or remove round-trip transportation after signing up on a trip, you may contact our Help Desk at or 1-866-991-8747. You may remove/add round-trip transportation any time before your balance deadline, or before Dec. 1st (whichever comes first), based on availability. If you chose to remove round-trip transportation after this date, no refund will be issued for the cost of transportation. One-way transportation opt-out is not eligible for any cost reduction, but if you choose to only take transportation only one-way, please let us know. It is important we let our operations team know so that we are not waiting for you.


If you have purchased Travel Insurance, read through your policy to determine if you're eligible to make a claim. You can make a claim by calling the insurance company directly - all your policy information is in your Insurance confirmation email that was emailed to you upon booking. If you did not purchase Travel Insurance or your reason for cancellation is not covered by insurance, our cancellation policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions. In the documents section of your profile. You can also receive a full refund via a “Name Change:” finding an unbooked, new joiner to take your spot on the trip. Once the new joiner has paid up to the point of your original booking a full refund may be issued. You’ll need to be in contact with our Help Desk (1-866-991-8747 or in order for a Name Change to be issued and refund to be processed.


Travel insurance is NON-REFUNDABLE and can be added to your trip up until December 1st of the year before your travel year (ex: If you are booked on SnowJam 2020, you have until Dec 1, 2019). Log onto your Campus Vacations profile, the option change is confirmed once the full payment is made. Once insurance is added and paid for, it can not be removed. You can also add/remove insurance by contacting our Help Desk at by December 1st or 30 days prior to your trip.


A copy of the travel insurance policy was emailed to you upon purchase of the product. If you are unable to find this email, please contact our Help Desk at 1-866-991-8747 or You can also view policies here:


During your Trip:


If you cannot locate on-trip staff and the office is closed, call our 24-hour Emergency Line at 1-866-991-8747. In case of medical emergency, call 911.


After your Trip:


Ambassadors will be paid out for their trip after the SnowJam trip season. As our trips come to an official close in Mid-February, Ambassadors can expect to receive information about their compensation by the end of March. Depending on their country of residence, Ambassadors are either mailed a cheque or paid through online banking.

Need More Help?

Contact your Ambassador or send us an email at