Campus Vacations SnowJam Reviews

SnowJam is the ultimate college weekend. We travel students from your school and of ton of other schools on the most epic winter weekend. Get ready, its going down!

We live for this.


For the past six years I’ve been a successful Ambassador and I’ve had so much fun doing it. I worked with other outgoing and easy-going people, developed a skill set beyond what my University courses could offer, and brought my friends on unforgettable trips that they are still thankful for. It’s no wonder why I kept coming back. I’ll miss it.
— Nick Preobrazenski, Queen’s University

I loved being an Ambassador. I can honestly say it made my experience better seeing how much fun all of the people I signed up were having! Campus Vacations made being an Ambassador so easy and fun and the people I met through it are so awesome!
— Hannah Engle, University of Oregon

What I liked the most was pretty simple: the opportunity to introduce people to an experience like SnowJam is half the fun. When reminiscing on his own days in college, my dad talks about these ragtag trips he and his buddies would take to the ski mountains in North Carolina—really, more like icy hills—and he always said those were some of the best trips he’d ever taken. Now, I wholeheartedly agree. SnowJam gave me the chance to make my own memories during college, outside of the activities offered on campus. With SnowJam, I got to travel, I got to make new friends, and I got to ski. Now that I’m applying for jobs, I have “SnowJam Team Captain” on my résumé for more than one reason: it shows I have experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, organization, and marketing. More often than not, my interviewers ask me to expand on my experience working with SnowJam and how it has made me a better candidate. Besides all the wholesome reasons why SnowJam has done me good, it’s really just fun, and it’s forever going down as a big part of my college experience.
— Sydney Ling, American University

Being an Ambassador for SnowJam is an epic experience, I had the chance to meet amazing people that I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for this trip! I was able to work and be rewarded with a trip of a lifetime!
— Brett Gilmore, Concordia

I love being a SnowJam Ambassador, it’s a great way to get all your friends out partying in the mountains with you. I’ve made so many friends from being an Ambassador that it makes the trip even better! The Trip Planners are awesome to work with and it’s amazing to be apart of making the trip unforgettable.
— Hannah Samycia, University of Alberta

If anybody finds my dignity, I lost it somewhere along the way. Probably can be found in multiple different places, but most likely on the stripper pole.
— Tim "Savage" Plante, Villanova

I loved it, it was so much fun and I cannot wait until next year to go again!
— Kirsten Allen, from Lakeland College (SnowJam 2016, Panorama)

Snowjam is literally a Winter Wonderland version of spring break. Everyone is so outgoing and there is nothing but positive vibes being spread throughout the trip! Definitely something every student should experience at least once in their life!
— Pat Whearty, from Quinnipiac University (SnowJam 2012-2016 Traveler & Trip Planner, Tremblant)

Love this trip, everyone is excited the whole weekend to go and ride, have a great time at the bars and meet a lot of new people.
— Jeremy Sporn, from Hofstra (SnowJam 2016, Tremblant)

Went in 2015 and had a great time, but 2016 raised the bar to a height I’m not sure I’ll ever reach again. Amazing trip.
— T. Hind, from OSU (SnowJam 2015 & 2016, Whistler)

It was a trip that I will always remember. Can’t wait for next year!
— Anonymous (SnowJam 2015, Whistler)

It was a blast, sick parties, the mountain was fantastic.
— Anonymous (SnowJam 2015, Tremblant)

Thanks for a great weekend!! I loved the skiing and met some great people! Thanks for the memories!
— Rebecca Horton, from Boston College (SnowJam 2015, Tremblant)

These trips are unreal. The best part of my job is meeting students from all over North America #JobofaLifetime #CvSnowJam
— Sierra W., from George Brown (SnowJam 2016 Staff, Banff)

I love the fact that everything was planned out so I could just come along for the ride and not have to figure anything out, just have fun.
— Maggie Winkelman, from Rochester Institute of Technology (SnowJam 2016, Tremblant)

SnowJam was a wicked experience from start to finish! The trip was action packed and I can honestly say there was something for everyone to do!
— Ariel Klar, from Guelph Humber College (SnowJam 2014 Traveler & 2016 Staff, Tremblant)

Going on SnowJam was my first time ever going to a ski village, I actually didn’t even ski this time (maybe next time I’ll take on the bunny hill) but I still had the most amazing weekend making new friends, dancing on bars, chillin’ in the hot tub and just enjoying the beautiful view at the top of the mountain with a hot chocolate.
— Hana Arneil, from Australia (SnowJam 2016 Staff, Tremblant)


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